The Thighs

Then you go touring the muscle groups that you indicate using muscle strength and relaxing. Each time you complete one of the groups breathing three or four times before moving on to the next. One started by the feet. Extend it as much as possible by bending the toes forward. Feel the tension for a moment and relax the muscles enjoying this relief.

Repeat two or three times. Relax your feet seen. We continue with two legs. Contracts strongly calf. Feel the tension and relief two or three times.

It is not necessary here to move or bend your legs, just put them in tension. Climbs up and gets now the thighs, feel the tension and relief, do the same with the buttocks. Breathe slowly a few times. Now back in March. Contracts and relaxes the lower back two or three times, focus on your feelings. Breathe slowly and imagine that your legs weigh more. When leaving relaxing notice that rely more on the ground, as if they really weigh more. Breathe slowly and remain so for a moment enjoying the feeling. 4 It is the turn of the abdomen. Put hard belly hard, relax, repeat. Imagine breath and increasingly weak. 5 Now turn to fists tightly shut them tight, relax them. Contract strong arm muscles, it is not necessary that you can do the double but if you like, feel stress, relax them, repeat. Recover slow, deep breathing, imagining that every time your arms weigh more, resting on the ground. Enjoy this feeling. 6 shoulders. Lift them and let them fall hard. Feel the tension and relaxation. Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors is open to suggestions. Breathe. 7 Neck and neck. Collapses the neck and relax it. Turn the neck to the right and relax. Turn the neck to the left and relax. 8 Contract and relax different muscles hard head. Wrinkle forehead, arched eyebrows, eyes tight shut, wrinkle your nose, tighten the jaws, squeeze the lips, tongue firmly sticks to the palate. Breathe deeply and enjoy the feeling like your head weighs ever more collapsing in on the pad or floor. 9 As a last step runs mentally your body, you may notice some slight feeling of heaviness or heat. Tell yourself "in this moment I feel relaxed."